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Beauty without depth is just Decoration 

vaginal rejuvenation endopeel

Objectives of Vulvar Embellishment

  • 1.Tensioning of the clitoris cap

  • 2.Repositioning and tensioning of the Large Labia

  • 3.Tensioning of the labia minora

Result without combined technics :

-Endopeel used alone
-School of Dra.Aurora de la Paz

cosmeto gynecology by Dra.Aurora de la Paz

Result with combined technics :


Best Results are seen if Endopeel is used without combination of Threads and/or PRP.

how to proceed for vulvar embellishment

How to proceed


  1. Endopeel
    - Myoplasty and Myopexy
    - Dartos Muscles & Cremaster
    -Round Ligaments of the Uterus

  2. Endopeel ( Few authors use PRP)

  3. Threads ( mostly not useful)


before ( vulvar embellishment)


marked for endopeel bulbar embellishment

Just Marked

Endopeel Injection with Vectors & Tensors .

( technique A.TENENBAUM)

Endopeel Injection Vulvar Embellishment
dartos muscle

Inject too Dartos Muscle & Round Ligaments of Uterus

round ligaments of uterus

If the threads are used for the fatty subcutaneous tissue

PRP endopeel vulvar embellishment

Endopeel injection for skin, mucosa and clitoris hood

PRP has been used by few authors instead of Endopeel

Immediate Result



2 years endopeel evolution for vulvar embellishment

2 years endopeel evolution for vulvar embellishment

vulvar embellishment endopeel 4
vulvar embellishment 5 endopeel
vulvar embellishment endopeel 6
vulvar embellishment endopeel 7
vulvar embellishment endopeel 9
endopeel vulvar embellishment 10
endopeel vulvar embellishment11
endopeel vulvar embellishment 12
endopeel vulvar embellishment 13
endopeel vulvar embellishment 14
endopeel vulvar embellishment 15



Laser Labioplasty + Endopeel


protocol endopeel for vaginal embellishment

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