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prp vs endopeel

Vaginal Lubrification : 3 Mechanisms

What to use
PRP or Endopeel Main Product
Vaginal Lubrification

The vaginal lubrication is very particular and is generated by 3 mechanisms

  • transudation of plasma through the blood vessels present in the vaginal mucosa.

  • secretion of the bartolino glands.

  • secretions of the cervix

The first of the three ( transsudation of plasma)  is the most quantitatively important and in the case of a patient with vaginal atrophy and dryness, PRP produces angiogenesis,
increasing in this way, the quantity of new blood vessels and, therefore greater secretion.

It also produces mitogenesis, increasing the thickness
of the vaginal mucosa.

All of this has been documented with pictures (photographies) of pathological anatomy recognized in the world of gynecology.