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Last News : 2 Schools of Cosmeto Gynecology for same results

Endopeel alone vs Combined Techniques

cosmeto gynecology and endopeel used without combined technics

The school of Dra.Aurora de la Paz

For the mexican world known gynecologist Dra.Aurora de la Paz, no need of PRP and no need of threads to get similar or greater results just by using Endopeel without combined techniques.

The advantages using Endopeel alone are :

  • cheaper for patient and MD
  • quicker procedure
  • no complications 
  • learning curve quicker and easier
  • better appreciated in countries where PRP is forbidden ( Italy,Mexico)

The only combination used is in case of whitening ( using specific peelings) .

cosmetogynecology combined technics

The school of Combined Techniques

The  disadvantages using combined techniques are :

  • higher price for patient and MD
  • longer procedure
  • possibility of complications with threads in wrong or untrained hands.
  • learning curve with mandatory hands on workshops.
  • cant be used in countries where PRP is forbidden 

Combination with peels in case of whitening is used as well.


Combined Techniques give no so great results as Endopeel alone.
Combined Technique are too much more expensive for MD ( material and time) and for patients too.