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Abstract: Cosmetic Gynecology & Endopeel

Prospective study in cosmetic gynecology through the application of Endopeel combined with PRP. Preliminary results.
Dr. Alain Tenenbaum (1), Mr. Mauro Tiziani (2),Dr. Ariel Luksenburg ,Dr. Juan Barcia ,Dr. Roberto Sergio 


The treatment with Endopeel techniques is recognized as one of the best alternatives for the recovery of the firmness of the tissues for cosmetic purposes.

The localized deep and subdermal injections recover the lines of tension of the skin and produce an increase in the tone of the subcutaneous muscle by mechanisms linked to an endogenous response of tissue to the injected components.
The following study presents a series of patients who underwent injections of  Endopeel products ,technique for the cosmetic treatment of the female genital area.
Twenty women 46 to 67 years of age, with asymmetric vulvar sagging and deformation, along with distension of the vaginal introitus and flaccidity of the vaginal walls, were injected with the Endopeel techniques and products at the level of the labia majora, vulvar hairpin and vaginal walls, And with PRP, the labia minora.
Control was performed 30 and 60 days after injection. Clinically the cutaneous tissues showed retraction and recovery of the form with symmetry, with a marked increase in the firmness of the superficial and deep planes, depending on the case.
In 10 cases of patients who associated vaginal dryness, intravaginal PRP was injected with recovery of the natural lubrication of the vaginal mucosa.
The Endopeel, demonstrates a high capacity of vulvo-vaginal morphological rejuvenation and offers a promising perspective for gyneco-cosmetic treatments. The combination with endovaginal PRP increases patient satisfaction by improving natural lubrication. Endopeel also hydrates treated tissues. (Dr.Ercin Ozüntürk- Sir.Mauro Tiziani)


(1) Specialist in facial plastic surgery- Switzerland- Inventor of Endopeel - e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(2) Molecular Biologist-Switzerland- Co Inventor of Endopeel- e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.